National Youth Policy Programme

To develop youth coordination at national and local level; to promote youth work system and smooth coating over the Latvian territory; to provide support to local governments for the implementation of youth work (especially when working with the risk of social exclusion for young people);  to increase professional qualifications and exchange of information to persons who are working with young people; to implement the exchange of experience at the international level;
To promote the active participation of young people in decision- making and in public life; to promote the social inclusion of young people by expanding their access to the labor market and life knowledge; to promote young people non-formal learning activities, volunteer work and self-initiative.

Measures of National program realize the Ministry of Education and Agency for International Programs for Youth. 

The total budget of National program which is generally financing by government - 330 520 EUR.


Jānis Drigins
Project coordinator
Phone: 67358073
E-mail: janis.drigins[at]