“Erasmus+: Youth in Action”

to improve skills and competences of young people and people who work with young people;
 to promote the participation of young people;
 to improve the quality of youth work;
 to complement the policy  reforms and to support the youth policy, based on knowledge and the reality of the situation (young people’s needs) as well as to promote non-formal learning recognition;
 to promote international cooperation of youth.

 Youth Exchanges (young people aged 13-30);
 European Voluntary Service (young people aged 17-30);
 Mobility of youth workers (no age restriction);
 Strategic Partnerships in the field of Education, Training and Youth;
 Support for policy reform.

While participating in the programme you will improve your skills, gain some new experience and develop several competences:
 cooperation and successful communication;
 intercultural cooperation;
 communication in foreign language;
 communication in native language;
 active participation;
 creativity and innovation;
 project management;
 knowledge of mathematics and science;
 skills of organized learning.

 national and international trainings;
 regional coordinators;
 consultations via e-mail, phone or directly in the NA.