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Agency for International Programs for Youth
Mukusalas str. 41, Riga, LV-1004, Latvia
Phone: +371 67358065 Fax: +371 67358060
E-mail: info[at]

Agency's bank account specifications

Agency for International Programs for Youth
Mukusalas str. 41, Riga, LV-1004, Latvia
Reg.No. 90001825883
Receiving institution: Valsts Kase; TRELLV22
Account: LV75TREL215061905100B; LV25TREL215061905400B


Working hours

Monday: 8:30 - 18:00
Tuesday: 8:30 - 17:00
Wednesday: 8:30 - 17:00
Thursday: 8:30 - 17:00
Friday: 8:30 - 16:00.

Time for consultation
We kindly ask you to call before you come to the consultation (regarding the "Erasmus+: Youth in Action" programme) - phone: +371 67358065



Daina Sproģe
  Phone: 67213202
E-mail: daina.sproge[at]
Aiga Trubiņa
Legal Adviser
  Phone: 67358073
E-mail: aiga.trubina[at]
Signe Šmite
Legal Adviser
  Phone: 67356255
E-mail: signe.smite[at]
Ilze Sprindžuka - Golubcova
Senior Expert of Internal Control
  Phone: 67356239
E-mail: ilze.sprindzuka[at]
Tatjana Dankbāra
Administration Secretary
  Phone:  67358065
E-mail: tatjana.dankbara[at]
Financial and Accounting Division
Ineta Planāre
Head of the Division
  Phone:  67358072
E-mail: ineta.planare[at]
Iveta Kalniete
  Phone:  67221875
E-mail: iveta.kalniete[at]
Santa Šeninga
  Phone: 67356259
E-mail: santa.seninga[at]
Inguna Riža
  Phone: 67251184
E-mail: inguna.riza[at]
Communication Division
Līga Mūrniece
Head of the Divison
  Phone: 67356257
E-mail: liga.murniece[at]
Laura Bringina
Communication Officer
  Phone: 67356251
E-mail: laura.bringina[at]
Māra Medne
Communication Officer
  Phone: 67356247
E-mail: mara.medne[at]
Structural funds Division
Raitis Imša
Head of the Division
  Phone:  67356248
E-mail: raitis.imsa[at]
Mārtiņš Čirkšis
Senior Project Coordinator
  Phone:  67356242
E-mail: martins.cirksis[at]
Viola Korpa
Senior Project Coordinator
  Phone: 67251182  
E-mail: viola.korpa[at]
Inta Lagzdiņa
Project Coordinator 
  Phone:  67356249
E-mail: inta.lagzdina[at]
Kristīne Šiļūna
Project Coordinator
  Phone:  67356241
E-mail: kristine.siluna[at]
Solvita Raciborska
Project Coordinator
  Phone: 67356246
E-mail: solvita.raciborska[at]
Project Management and Monitoring Division
Maija Kolberga
Head of the Division
  Phone:  67356256
E-mail: maija.kolberga[at]
Renāte Salmane
Senior Project Coordinator
  Phone: 67358068
E-mail: renate.salmane[at]
Madara Ērgle
Senior Project Coordinator (Youth Dialogue projects, Youth Participation Projects)
  Phone: 67251181
E-mail: madara.ergle[at]
Iveta Tiltiņa
Project Coordinator (Voluntary Service)
  Phone: 67251181
E-mail: iveta.tiltina[at]
Sintija Ludborža
Project Coordinator (Erasmus + accreditation, Youth Exchange projects)
  Phone: 67356269
E-mail: sintija.ludborza[at]
Sanita Strade
Project Coordinator (Youth Exchange projects)
  Phone: 67356250
E-mail: sanita.strade[at]
Līva Jakovļeva
Project Coordinator (Strategic Partnerships projects, Development Partnerships and Small Partnerships projects) 
  Phone: 67251185
E-mail: liva.jakovleva[at]
Nauris Bružuks
Project Coordinator (Mobility of Youth Workers)
  Phone:  67356289
E-mail: nauris.bruzuks[at]
Diāna Bišofe
Project Coordinator (Solidarity projects)
  Phone:  67356268
E-mail: diana.bisofe[at]
Līga Skrastiņa
Project Coordinator (Quality Label, Jobs projects)
  Phone: 67356240
E-mail: liga.skrastina[at]
Elīna Egle-Kangere​
Project Coordinator (Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps final reports)
  Phone: 67251183 
E-mail: elina.egle[at]
Sandris Cīrulis
Project Coordinator (Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps final reports)
  Phone:  67356267
E-mail: sandris.cirulis[at]
Ligita Pāruma
Project Coordinator (Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps final reports)
  Phone:  67358071
E-mail: ligita.paruma[at]
Ilze Vonda
Senior Project Coordinator (State Programme projects)
  Phone:  67358070
E-mail: ilze.vonda[at]
Jānis Drigins
Project Coordinator (State Programme projects)
  Phone:  67356253
E- mail: janis.drigins[at]
International Coorperation and Support Divison
Dita Čudare
Head of the Division
  Phone: 67358063
E-mail: dita.cudare[at]
Laura Timma
Project Coordinator 
(volunteering, introduction of NFIs in higher education)
  Phone: 67358069
E-mail: laura.timma[at]
Jana Priedniece
Senior Project Coordinator (human rights, social inclusion - young people in a NEET situation)
  Phone:  67356258
E-mail: jana.priedniece[at]
Ieva Upesleja
Project Coordinator (Youthpass, learning with youth)
  Phone:  67358062
E-mail: ieva.upesleja[at]
Laura Reisele
Project Coordinator (social inclusion - young people with disabilities, initiative "Inspiring person")
  Phone: 67358061
E-mail: laura.reisele[at]
Aija Kasemira
Project Coordinator
  Phone: 67358066
E-mail: aija.kasemira[at]
Agnese Berga
Project Coordinator (Eurodesk and Europeers)
  Phone: 67251180
E-mail: agnese.berga[at]
Nils Mosejonoks
Senior Project Coordinator
(youth work in municipalities)
E-mail: nils.mosejonoks[at]
Division of digital literacy development for educators
Baiba Suseja
Head of the Division
  Phone: 67358067
E-mail: baiba.suseja[at]
Liene Millere
Project Coordinator
  Phone: 67356254
E-mail: liene.millere[at]